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Hello World! I am Vibhor Agarwal, a final year PhD Researcher at University of Surrey, UK, working with Prof. Nishanth Sastry. My research interests are in Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models and Graphs to model and understand online social media conversations by developing graph-based models to effectively capture conversational context and tackle online harms such as hate speech, misinformation, etc. I also work on LLMs for content moderation to rephrase hate speech into non-hate content without changing the meaning. I have also worked towards the safety of LLMs by detecting and mitigating problems such as hallucinations in code generation and also for healthcare queries. I have done NLP Research Internship at JP Morgan AI Research and Rewire. I was also a Visiting Researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and Queen Mary University of London in the past.

Previously, I worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at (Directi) in Mumbai, India for 1.5 years. In June 2020, I graduated with a Computer Science and Engineering (B. Tech.) degree from The LNMIIT, Jaipur. My honours include Best Bachelor's Thesis Award and an overall CGPA of 9.45 out of 10. I was also a Google Summer of Code developer in 2018 and contributed to the open source project, Oppia.

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I have been fortunate to contribute to a wide range of research directions, including natural language processing, LLMs, graph machine learning, and computational social science and have published in top-tier conferences and journals including ACM Web Conference (WWW), ACM Transactions on the Web, ACL, CIKM, AAAI ICWSM, ACM Web Science, etc. For the full list of publications, please refer to my Google Scholar profile.

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